Beretta 692

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Steelium Plus Barrels
Inspired by the Steelium Pro barrels of the DT11 and thanks to a conical profile 5.5 times longer than the 682 Gold, the 692 features new Steelium Plus barrels give outstanding pattern quality and precision, improved recoil reduction and reduced muzzle raise. The much longer forcing cone is the key to the improvement in the barrel’s overall performance. At the beginning of the Steelium era, all of the competition barrels had a similar conic profile of approximately 2.6” on a 30” barrel. With the development of the new Beretta 692, Steelium Plus defines a new standard for competition shotgun barrels by lengthening the forcing cone to ~14” on a 30” barrel.

Beretta 692 Steelium Barrels

What are the benefits of a longer forcing cone? Better patterns, less muzzle raise, and faster target acquisition on follow-up for when you have to make the shot.
Wider Receiver
The new Beretta 692 features a 1.3mm (1/2”) wider receiver than the 682 Gold, improving handling and control. This wider receiver adds a small amount of weight for better balance, providing more stability and better handling before and after each shot.

Beretta's 692 wide receiver

The wider receiver is also adorned in a technical yet elegant design. Polished metal surfaces pair with matte finish and “black gold” engraving highlight the unmistakable lines of a Beretta Over / Under with an attractive new design. The selectable safety features a two dot selector showing which barrel is ready to fire first, while the ergonomic over molded opening lever combines form and function. The stock (with optional B-FAST adjustable comb) and fore end come in selected oil-finished walnut.
Beretta B-FAST
B-FAST stands for “Beretta Fast Adjustment System Technology”. This modular adjustment system, specifically designed for Beretta, is new to Beretta’s competition shotguns. B-FAST is a group of devices that give the shooter an advantage by allowing them to easily adjust their gun to fit them.
B-FAST Adjustable Balance System
Each Beretta 692 comes balanced from the factory, but the owner can adjust the gun to his or her individual preference or shooting style using only simple tools. This is thanks to a system of removable weights known as “B-FAST Balance”.

Beretta 692 New B-Fast balancing system

Adjustable trigger The single trigger is adjustable for length of pull

Adjustable trigger

Beretta Optima Choke HP (5 included) The Beretta 692 come equipped with Beretta’s Optima-Choke HP tubes. Optima-Choke HP tubes stand up to the heat of competition. Manufactured from high strength steel and finished in a nickel-alloy coating, these chokes guarantee significant corrosion resistance and even have the ability to withstand the rigors of steel shot. Optima-Choke HP tubes are fully interchangeable on all Beretta barrels that are threaded for Optima-Choke H P.

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