About Blaser

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Winner by Design

Worldwide ambitious shooters experience an exceptional shotgun that seems to be programmed for success: the Blaser F3. It has been designed from scratch to meet the ergonomical and technical demands of intuitive aiming with pinpoint accuracy.

From Experience
Our ideas for new gun technology are not created on the drawing board; they are born while we are out in the field or on the shooting range, facing the challenges that need to be solved. Our engineers are also skilled hunters and shooters. When they turn our ideas into innovative design they are doing much more than inventing something new; they are putting the potential for better hunting and shooting in your hands.

For the Love of Detail
At every step of design and manufacturing, we strive for excellence. However, it is by adding character to our rifles and shotguns that we achieve true perfection. Innovation paired with detailed creativity – that is our formula for timeless gun making.

The Blaser Mission

Driven By Passion
Hunting may be one of the oldest aspirations of mankind, but we always have to prepare for new challenges. It is important that we continually refine our equipment and pioneer new technology. This is our passion.

Shaped by Intelligence
Leading the way through innovation, we are the driving force in the international gun industry. Fifty years of expertise have sharpened our senses for intelligent advances. However, we never lose sight of our ethical commitment.

Powered by Performance
Everybody who works at Blaser shares the same enthusiasm for gunning and sport shooting. But we all have different talents. It is the diversity of personalities and seamless blend of skills that empower the company’s continues success.

Values and Culture

Milled from a solid piece
Manufacturing gun parts from a whole solid piece guarantees quality, reliability and durability. Intricate production processes on high-end CNC machines ensure minimal tolerances and consistent shooting precision.

Quality Components
In the hands of a Blaser gunsmith high-grade steel and precious walnut blend into a piece of beauty and lasting value. his commitment to excellence makes every Blaser rifle a legacy for generations to come.

Sense of Tradition
With a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, we shape today’s hunting culture. Highly qualified gunsmiths, gun stockers and engravers turn every rifle into a masterpiece that expresses the personality and passion of the hunter who owns it.

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