Blaser F3

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Blaser F3 Trigger
Within a split second the F3-trigger turns your thought impulse into igniting mechanics. It breaks crisp as glass at 1,500 grams with a extremely short travel. Thus the Blaser F3 offers you the best conditions to achieve the ideal forward allowance without any delay and tap your full potential. The barrel selector is located right in front of the trigger in a convenient position. The purely mechanical, selective single trigger function is independent from recoil. The trigger blade allow stepless adjustment in length. It is positioned exactly in the shooting fingers direction of force. The finger automatically takes on the right angle for precisely pulling the trigger.

Blaser IBS: Anti-Double Sysyem
The Inertial Block System reliably prevents fan firing, Which means that the unintentional firing of a second shot is virtually impossible. Many Conventional single trigger functions interfere with the ideal trigger pull. Thanks to IBS the Blaser F3 trigger combines the highest possible safety with the best possible trigger characteristics.

Blaser's Inertial Block System

Linear Guidance of Firing Pin
The linear guidance of the striker and firing pin allows for the best possible use of the kinetic energy and this for lightning fast ignition

Perfectly Balanced

Blaser Balancer
When you are swinging and the barrel points exactly where your eye focuses, you can be sure that the weight distribution of your shotgun is perfectly adjusted to your needs. To achieve the ideal performance the bulk should lie right between your hands and the overall weight distribution should be fine-tunes to the balance that feels best for you. Two Blaser F3 features make sure that the balance of your Blaser F3 meets your personal preferences the balancer and the deep position of the centre bores. The Blaser balancer system not olny allows the adjustment of the weight distribution to your personal needs as well as to your shooting style: Swing-Through, Pull-Away, Maintained-Lead or Move-Mount-Shoot. The system consists of two components: the stock balancer and the barrel balancer. The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be equipped with one or two weight cylinders. The barrel balancer allows you to increase the total weight up to 213 grams.

Triplex Bore Design
Three construction characteristics collude to provide an optimized muzzle velocity, a homogenous shot pattern and a moderate recoil:

  • Innovative, extremely flat forcing cone with an angle of 2.5°. The shot passes into the culindrical barrel as smooth as possible with minimal deformation and without any dangerous increase of pressure.
  • “Overbore” inside diameter of 18.65mm (0.735″)
  • Gauge 12/76 (3″) steel shot with additional steel-shot proofing.

The Blaser Balance System

The Calm Before the Shot

EBS: The innovative Ejection System
To some extent whether the shot will be successful or not is decided even before mounting. Smooth movements, controlled by intuition and precise mechanical operations are the winning formula. The process starts with closing the shotgun. Conventional ejector systems cock the ejector springs when the gun is closed. Having to overcome this resistance interferes with the smooth flow of your movements and your concentration. The EBS System activate the ejectors when the shot is fired and cocks them when opening the gun. The ejector springs are always decocked when storing the gun, so that spring fatigue is prevented. The resistance when closing the gun is always kept at a minimum, whether the ejectors have been activated or not.

Smooth Hinge Operation
The extremely soft closing of the barrels helps you to focus your concentration on nothing else but the shot

 The Blaser Ejectors


Premium Quality
The superior quality of the Blaser F3′s mechanical parts is as uncompromising as its design. Innovative, computer-controlled heat treatment such as the nitrocarburisation of the Blaser F3 action lead to outstanding resistance characteristics.

Solid Lock-Up
The solid lock-up with a generous locking area is combines with a lock-plate in the bottom of the action providing utmost locking safety

The Blaser Safety System

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FR011146BlaserF3 Superskeet w/ Adj Comb1232Contact Us For Best PricingView Pictures
FR010500BlaserF3 Luxus1230Contact Us For Best PricingView Pictures
FR011261BlaserF3 Vantage1232Contact Us For Best PricingView Pictures
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FR009085BlaserF3 Sporting w/ Adj Comb1232SoldView Pictures
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