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Imagine a custom firearm that’s uniquely yours, with intricate engraving and a beautiful finish on every component. Each piece hand fitted to ensure strength and reliability. Your reality is a Browning from the Custom Shop in Liège, Belguim. A custom Browning gun utilizes time proven designs and manufacturing to ensure an investment in custom work will be enjoyed for generations. Shown are some of the popular engraving patterns — or create a pattern uniquely your own.


The Superposed is the last credential of the world’s greatest firearms inventor — John M. Browning. Its design benefits from a culmination of decades of ingenuity and firearm experience and wisdom. It is, to this day, the finest and most respected over and under design in the world.

The feeling one receives from owning a Superposed is no different from owning artwork of the great masters. The Superposed is a true masterpiece. The design of the Superposed reflects John Browning’s knowledge of the American hunter. He knew they preferred a single sighting plane and a single selective trigger. He delivered it all with his unique ability to achieve perfect balance, economy of proportion and eye-appealing design.

The Superposed has been made entirely in Belgium since 1931. Delaying your order will not make your Superposed more elegant, it will only deprive you of years of pleasure.

In a world obsessed with mass production, it is reassuring to know that there are still artisans who ply their trade elevating objects of function to objects of art.


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