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Fausti has been manufacturing hunting and competition shotguns with great care and passion for almost 70 years, combining century old traditions with progress and modern technology. Their over under and side by side shotguns are designed to meet the specific needs of very demanding hunters and shooters. A Fausti Shotgun can become a true collector's piece, with technical and aesthetic features that represent a milestone in time. 

Cavalier Ufficiale Stefano Fausti founded his firearms company in 1948, in the Trompia Valley of Italy; long famous for its gun-making tradition. Fausti Arms is now run by Stefano’s three daughters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara; and their business is thriving. This is, in no small part, to the effort of the sisters, making and keeping a strong presence in the firearms community.


They have produced many OEM parts for different shotgun makers, they have teamed up with Weatherby to produce their D’Italia line, but it’s Fausti’s own line of firearms that defines the essence of the company.

Fausti USA was established in 2009 to better service the existing American clientele and also reach new hunters, shooters and collectors in this great country and educate them about the most recent additions to the fine line of Fausti shotguns. Fausti's O/U shotguns are built on the well-known Italian style action, low profile and pleasing to the eye.


You can expect silver brazed ribs, as opposed to soft-soldered, a receiver made from a solid billet of steel. The focus for each firearm is on durability, responsiveness and good looks. Fausti USA is now offering the level of shotgun that inspires pride of ownership and has timeless appeal and value. 

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