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Caesar Guerini is constantly striving to make Over and Unders unique form all others. You can see it in the wood-to-metal fit, the deep lustrous blueing, and the flawless 26 lines-per-inch checkering. You can fell it in the precision of the internal parts machined from billet steel, as well as the lively balance and handling of their guns. Every Caesar Guerini shotgun goes through no less than 256 quality control checks assuring our product exceeds the demands of their customers.


We invite you to visit us to see and handle these guns personally. We are confident that when you do, you will agree with the opinions of a growing number of owners that these O/U shotguns represent one of the finest premium shotgun values in the market today and for many years to come.


Summit Limited: 


The Summit Limited embodies all the balance, quick handling and accurate performance qualities of the popular Summit Sporting and adds a deluxe grade of oil finished, hand rubbed Turkish walnut with a richly colored case hardened receiver to create a stunning sporting over/under. The same weight, feel and clay crushing performance of the standard Summit Sporting are inherent features of the Summit Limited. The 12-gauge version incorporates Caesar Guerini’s new Maxis Bore barrels and Choke System for enhanced performance. This new barrel incorporates a .735 bore diameter with a longer choke system calibrated to the larger bore. The 12 gauge stocks have also been reconfigured to offset the slight increase in barrel weight. The 12 gauge models are offerd in 30, 32, or 34 inch lengths while small gauge models are available in 30 and 32 inch. A two-barrel 20/28 gauge combo set is available as well as a three-barrel 20/28/.410 set.


Caesar Guerini Shotguns

Invictus I Sporting: 


In our ongoing pursuit to make the best Target shotgun possible, Caesar Guerini has created the Invictus. Featuring the greatest advancement in over-under durability in many years – the Invictus System. This revolutionary new system completely changes the way the barrel and action lock together when the gun is closed, making the whole system stronger. Additionally, all locking surfaces are now modular, creating a gun that is many times more durable than a traditional over-and-under shotguns. For the first time you can measure the life span of your shotgun not by how long you can shoot it, but how long your children and grandchildren can. Unfortunately, we might have to consider updating that Lifetime guarantee.


Ellipse EVOlution: 


To evolve you need to focus on how change can bring improvement. The game of Sporting Clays is changing and more importantly so is the shooter. Equipment must keep up with the demands of the sport and that is exactly what the new Evolution Sporting accomplishes. The Evolution’s new wider frame with thicker walls add strength and durability. The new rib geometry enhances rigidity and a centrally located rib stabilization system reduces flex and vibration. Not only is the unique rounded action visually attractive, but it also distributes recoil forces between the stock and frame more efficiently making for a more durable and low recoiling shotgun.


Magnus Sporting: 


Seems as though all you hear about these days is the word change; changing your diet, changing your job, changing your mind. While not all change is good, it is the only means to progress. So we decided to analyze what we could do to make one of our most popular guns even better. Staying with the same general theme, we dramatically improved the engraving. Then we removed some weight out of the muzzle end of the barrels to make the gun handle better. Additionally, we created a new top rib featuring an 8 to 10mm taper and gracefully sculpted the rib posts. Finally, we re-shaped the stock and increased the mass for enhanced recoil reduction. The only thing that did not change is the price. Now that is progress at it’s finest. Interested in seeing the Magnus Sporting in person? Check the Dealers page for the nearest location to you! Or visit one of our authorized Demo Centers.


Summit Ascent: 


The Summit Ascent is everything you want from a modern sporting clays shotgun without the additional cost of an adjustable point-of-impact rib. The 10mm high tapered top rib is designed to shoot at 50/50% point-of-impact allowing for an upright shooting position and improved target visibility, making it the perfect Sporting Clays gun. The stock incorporates the DTS adjustable comb to make sure a variety of shooters can adjust the gun to fit precisely. The mass in the stock and barrels are engineered so the gun will balance perfectly. With a long list of winning features the Ascent is taking sporting clays to the next level.


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