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The Woodlander

Caesar Guerini Field Shotgun: The Woodlander Field Shotgun

At Caesar Guerini upland bird hunting is a passion. We wanted a gun that would truly reflect our love of fall coverts, autumn foliage, wet gundogs, and the smell of wood smoke. The Woodlander is the shotgun you imagine in such a setting. It was created to be a classic upland game gun for tight cover and fast-flushing birds. The color case hardened action exudes an understated elegance. It is embellished with a single gold ruffed Grouse executed in the Bulino style while nicely figured Turkish walnut featuring a traditional oil finish speaks of quality from a bygone era. The meticulously fitted wood butt plate allows for snag-free gun mounts and adds a customlook and feel. The Woodlander is also offered with an optional English straight stock. The lightweight barrels incorporate solid mid ribs to keep out debris, 7mm top rib in 12 gauge and 6mm top rib in sub gauges. If your priorities are traditional good looks and superior handling, then the Woodlander is the gun for you.

The Tempio/ Tempio Light

Caesar Guerini Field Shotgun: Tempio Field Shotgun

Chosen by the Editors of Field and Stream Magazine as ”Best of the Best” in Shotguns, the Tempio is designed to be a sleek and fast pointing shotgun in the field, the perfect companion for upland game hunters. Its low-profile receiver matched with a trim stock, classic Prince-of-Wales grip and schnable fore-end make the gun a perfect match for fast game birds. In the constant pursuit of perfection Caesar Guerini has decided to give the Tempio and Tempio Light a makeover. Utilizing advancements in metal finishes, the new Tempio features upgraded engraving on a hand polished coin finish action. The Tempio Light incorporates Guerini’s proprietary process for engraving an alloy action shotgun with fine engraving. Both models are additionally finished with Invisalloy ® for additional protection. On the mechanical side, the trigger is upgraded to a more elegant shape while also improving the trigger pull. The result is a fast handling game gun made in the classic tradition of fine shotguns.

The Magnus/ Magnus Light

Caesar Guerini Field Shotgun: The Magnus / Magnus Light Field Shotgun

The Magnus was designed to appeal to the discriminating hunter who appreciates a classic shotgun with timeless qualities. It features an elegantly sculpted sidelock style receiver with fine scroll engraving depicting Grouse, Quail, and Pheasant game scenes in gold against a richly colored case hardened finish. The unique sideplates have no pins or screws for a perfectly smooth receiver and uninterrupted engraving. The Magnus series receives a deluxe grade Turkish walnut stock with a traditional hand rubbed oil finish to enhance the highly figured grain. The Magnus Light version features an action and fore-end iron precision machined from high grade aluminum forgings and is finished in a rich satin nickel finish. Weight is reduced by approximately 20% making the shotgun fast handling and a pleasure to carry. All other features and dimensions are identical to the Magnus.

The Maxum/ Maxum Light

Caesar Guerini Field Shotgun: The Maxum/ Maxum Light Field Shotgun

The Maxum is a true collector grade shotgun, featuring deep relief floral scroll hand finished engraving on the receiver, side plates, and fore-end assembly. The hand work and design are from the studios of the world renowned Italian engraving house, Bottega Incisioni C. Giovanelli. An elegant coin finish complements the strikingly detailed classic style engraving, creating a functional work of art. Balancing the beauty of the deeply sculpted engraving is a deluxe grade of Turkish walnut, featuring precision cut 26 lines-per-inch checkering and a natural oil finish hand rubbed to a stunning sheen. The new light weight version breaks new ground in the engraving techniques of aluminum action shotguns. The Maxum Light features three additional processes that bring out the contrast in the engraving, making it singularly unique in the world of double guns. The end result is a shotgun as attractive as the standard Maxum but, approximately a pound lighter.

The Apex

Caesar Guerini Field Shotgun: The Apex Field Shotgun

At Caesar Guerini we have a driving passion for innovation and elevating the gunmaker’s art, and this commitment to quality has produced the new Apex. It has distinctly British lines with a trim pistol grip and our trim, rounded fore-end, but what really sets this gun apart is its revolutionary new full-length trigger guard. We’ve eliminated the screws for a clean, seamless look, and the end of the guard terminates in a perfectly fitted skeletal grip cap for a touch of elegance. The action is embellished with full-coverage engraving that incorporates no fewer than four different techniques, and the frame’s hand-polished coin finish is treated to our new Invisalloy® coating, which makes the metal rust resistant while enhancing the contrast in the engraving. The Apex features a classically British style stock including a rounded fore-end for a sleek but functional profile.

The Forum

Caesar Guerini Field Shotgun: The Forum Field Shotgun

Making an investment quality field shotgun like the Forum requires an unrelenting passion for precision, premium quality and attention to the smallest details available only from the best of skilled craftsmen and gunsmiths. The results can not be produced by even the most sophisticated computer controlled machines. Each Forum shotgun we create incorporates numerous hours of skilled hand labor. The engraving on the Forum has been enhanced to include more coverage and detail. The Forum Field also features our new revolutionary full-length trigger guard that is notably missing any screws for a clean seamless look. The end of the trigger guard terminates in a perfectly fitted skeletal grip cap, making for a uniquely elegant appearance. The Forum stock has a classic Prince-of-Wales style grip which matches perfectly with our trim rounded fore-end giving the gun distinctly British lines. The stock is completed with exactingly cut extra fine checkering, checkered butt and a hand rubbed oil finish.

Ellipse Limited

Caesar Guerini Field Shotgun: Ellipse Limited Field Shotgun

The new Caesar Guerini Ellipse series represents the next generation of the upland game gun. With a graceful rounded action and streamlined stock it handles, feels and looks like the world’s best handmade round body shotguns. We obsessed over every aspect of the design, from the graceful lines of the stock to details as obscure as the shape of the trigger. This is not a quick makeover of our existing models; the barrels, action and stock are all different. The Limited is embellished with an understated border engraving pattern and is finished in case color with our Invisalloy® protective finish. The stock is crafted from semi-deluxe Turkish walnut and finished in a hand rubbed oil finish. The result is an elegant round body shotgun reminiscent of fine British guns from years gone by

Ellipse Evo

Caesar Guerini Field Shotgun: Ellipse Evo Field Shotgun

Fast as a Grouse’s wing tip, sleek as a Pheasant’s tail feather – the new Caesar Guerini Ellipse EVO represents the next generation of upland game gun. With graceful rounded action and streamlined stock it handles, feels and looks like the worlds best handmade round body shotguns. We obsessed over every detail from the engraving created to accentuate the curve of the action to something as obscure as the shape of the trigger. This is not a quick makeover of our existing models; the barrels, action and stock are all different. The Ellipse is simply the evolution of the fine Over and Under hunting gun. With the EVO Light less is more. Less weight with an alloy action incorporating special stainless steel breech inserts for extended durability. The engraving and metal finishing uses the same advanced techniques as our Maxum Light to realize beauty rarely seen in alloy action guns.

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